Well it has finally come to this.  I am a blogger.  For the most part I prefer to write stories and song lyrics but everyknow and then I will spit something out on this page.  I will not review this stuff or perfect it and at anytime I can change my mind about anything I may wrtie in this space.  I will probably spell check it though.  I think a blog is to be tended to with some regularity.  This will be the deciding factor as to whether or not I will continue to do this.  If my out put is lame then i shall discontinue it for lack of interest (my own).  On the other hand I may well wish to  take advantage of this teensy weensy soapbox that I have at my disposal.  I used to have an old Royal typewriter and I just left it in my kitchen when I lived on Murray Hill in Little Italy years back.  There was always a box of scrap paper next to it and at anytime I could sit and load the paper and type away.  That is what this blog will be.  Some may be serious some may be humoruous some no doubt will be down right bizarre... this is the Mind Fry web site after all.  There may even be guest bloggers.  Perhpas Babakar or PV will wish to whip off something verbal to the world.  Perhaps even the lovely Ms. Dannon.  Ya just never know.  Anyway welcome to the Mind Fry blog.


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