John McGrail - Singer Songwriter

Categorized as a folk musician he accepts that and on some level even agrees but his influences range far beyond that and they all contribute to the ‘folk’ music that he creates. Analysis of his tunes would find things like odd meters, Floydian textures, and the occasional stinging guitar solo. Then there are the lyrics... well there are those who have described him as the Dark Prince of Cleveland Folk.


Never one to be pigeonholed John uses whatever he has at his disposal to present his music. Live it is often just a voice and guitar, although lately he's had a trio and even a quartet accompanying him, in the studio he grasps for whatever it is that will get his music across in a manner that makes him happy. Whether it’s loops and programs and virtual instruments or the more traditional type, one will usually find him using all and blending them in a most unique way. Boundaries are for breaking.