The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale: Singles Volume One

by The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale

Released 12/01/2019
Mind Fry
Released 12/01/2019
Mind Fry
Experimental World with an Orchestra!
This release is a compilation of the singles The Consort has released so far.
It ranges from Orchestral to Jazzy to almost Rap (but not quite).
Quirky at times, expansive at others, grooving at yet other times.
The meek probably should beware.
Here is the info from the back cover of the physical CD which you can get by contacting us at
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The Ass And The Orca (Wade)
No Lamentations (Cole)
Ants and Hummingbirds (Wade)
Nobody Likes You (Music: The Consort, Lyrics: Sartre)
The Plague of Oran (Wade)
Knightclub (Cole)
Ice Suture (Wade)
Ice Dragon (Kohn)
It’s All About Me (Fastley)
Mandolicious (Wade)
Thor’s Hammer (Wade)

The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale
Babakar Wade: Guitar and Vocals
Samba Diop: Percussion
Barney Cole: Guitar
Vladimir Polchinski: Bass
Jean-luc Sartre: Whistles, Recorders and Electronic Winds
Lady Brett Fastley: Mallets and Vocals
Robert Kohn: Programming
Hans Z.: Drums
Mairead O’Connor: Keys and Vocals
Art Paisley: Lambeg Drum* and Weenie Voice
The Mind Fry Orchestra: Conductor Raul Espinoza
* There is no Lambeg Drum on this recording

Recorded at Mind Fry Studios 5 by Babakar Wade, John McGrail and J. Kinslow McGrail
Produced by Babakar Wade and John McGrail
Mixed and Mastered at Dark Tree Recordings by Jay Bentoff
Cover art is a painting by John McGrail entitled “Blue Layla”
Album design by L. Sue Dannon

Special Thanks to Dave DeChant, PV, The Chunks, Erin, Jay and John
Copyright 2019 John McGrail

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