Art was angry. They had just put out their 2nd album and this one had taken a good 10 years to get out and once again they didn’t have any parts for his Lambeg Drum. He went out the front door of his place and walked up the street to Mickey’s, the local pub he drank at, and pulled up to the bar and ordered a Smithwicks. He also ordered some chips. He knew that the Lambeg was limited in its application but he thought there had been spots that where it could have been used. “Fucking Babakar, he’s a goddamn tyrant. I don’t know why I bother with them. I suppose I do get to travel the world a bit with them but I don’t get to play. Maybe I should write some pieces for solo lambeg. Put my own record out. Fuck them.” Art Paisley was talking out loud as he took intermittent sips on his pint. The bartender, Matt, listened sympathetically to Art. “Still not utilized on the Consorts album eh Art?” he piped in.

“No, fuck’em Matt. Ya know ya think they would use me if I am going to be listed on the albums. Put his name on the cover but don’t let him play. What’s the point, ya know??? Art said.

“Well ya got a point but then you do get out of Belfast with them, and don’t you get along pretty good just as friends. You get some notoriety without which you’d have none, eh?” Matt reasoned.

“I suppose, but I love the drum. It consumes me. I want to be heard is all Matt. What musician learns to play music but doesn’t want to be heard. They can be used more often than just in the Orange parades. That just usually leads to trouble ya know. I want the drum to be used for good. The Consort would be the ideal place for that to happen because its such a wonderful blend of musicians from around the world. Tolerance isn’t preached in the Consort but it is a great example of what it can lead to. I want the drum to be part of that legacy ya know.”

“Didn’t you have some vocal parts on the album?”

“Yeah, but its not the same. They just like it cuz I have such a high and whiny voice it fits well in some parts and for some harmonies. Like on “Rainier” I did the doubling of the voice with Babakar. See... I could have seen some of the Lambeg on that piece. Sparse but an important part of the arrangement! Maybe I should put out an album of solo pieces. What do you think of that Matt?”

“Honestly I think you’d be daft to try that. No one wants to hear solo Lambeg drums. Sorry Art that’s just my view but it doesn’t seem too far fetched ya know"

“I know what you’re saying its just damn disappointing ya know.” Art said and he looked down into his pint that was almost gone.

"Another Smithwicks Art?” Matt asked.

“Yeah and a shot of Paddy’s, thanks Matt, for the drink and the ear.”