Babakar and Jean-luc were sitting in the Mind Fry kitchen sharing some tea and discussing the use of an orchestra and the conductor Raul Espinoza. Jean-luc sat with his back to the window while Babakar was sitting in the main chair looking out the window. Many of the Consort members were in Cleveland to do parts for their latest CD which was the follow up to the wildly popular Perdido which had come out several years earlier. As Babakar looked out the window at the birds amassing in the locus tree as they considered flying up to the suet block hanging just outside the window he noticed Jean-luc look up at the door heading into the next room as if someone had entered. He turned in his chair and indeed there was Robert Kohn. Robert wasn’t a musician per se he was the programmer for the Consort, although Babakar consider him to be a musician who’s instrument was a computer. 

"Babakar, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.” Robert said with a nervousness in his voice. Jean-luc started to get up to give them some privacy but Robert said “you needn’t leave Jean-luc. It’s about a song I put together and would appreciate your views as well.”

“Very well.” Jean-luc sat back down and offered some tea to Robert who declined.

“You have something about one of the pieces for the next album?” Babakar asked.

"Actually I wrote a song myself, and I know I don’t usually write songs but sometimes things just kind of build up until they force themselves on you and it all bursts out in some kind of creation. If you know what I mean.” He spurted out with much anxiety in his voice.

“Indeed I do, those are often the most intense pieces of art one can come up with. What is this song.”

“Well I worked up a version of it last night while the crew was out for dinner, that was why I declined to join everyone. John said it’d be ok to work in the studio while everyone was out. It gave me a few hours to get the idea out and into a format I could present to you.”

 “We’ll lets hear it.” Jean-luc chimed in. It was a curious moment as Robert had never written a piece of music but only applied his considerable programming abilities to the music the Consort recorded and performed. So Robert pulled out a flash drive and handed it to Babakar who plugged it into the laptop that was in front of him. There was only one file on the drive but Robert still added “It’s the piece called 'Ice Dragon'."

So Babakar set the song playing and the 3 of them listened through the laptop speakers. As there were only 2 chairs in the kitchen Robert remained standing which only added to his nervous demeanor,. The song played and was about 4 minutes or so. When it got done there was a moment of silence. Then Jean-luc chimed in “I like it. I like it a lot. Interesting lyrics.”

“Your vocals,” Babakar started to say before Robert interrupted him

“They're terrible, I realize that, I’m clearly not a singer but it’s what I had to work with last night. I thought we might get John to do guest vocal like he did on “Who Darkened The Sun”. I think he’d be perfect for it. Babakar was nodding his head like he agreed with the idea.

“The only thing I would say is that it might not go well with the pieces we’ve been working on. It might not fit in. The lyrics are a bit on the caustic side.”

“Oh I didn’t necessarily mean for it to be on the new CD I just thought maybe if we recorded it it might be useful somewhere down the line.” Robert added.

“What about a single. Mind Fry has a deadline coming up for one of the free singles they get. If we could get it done quickly.  It could be done.” Jean-luc added.

“That’s a possibility.” Babakar said and he inquired what Robert was thinking in terms of an arrangement.

“Well a lot of what I put on there could be used but instead of the lead synth I thought you or Barney might do some smokin’ guitar stuff and I’d really like Lady Bret to do some live mallets instead of the virtual ones. I think she’s perfect. I’d like Vlad to do the bass but he’s not in town. Maybe you could do it Babakar. You did all the bass for the Freeloaders album with your friend Daniel some years back?” Robert said and he seemed to have it all worked out already. Babakar nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I could do that it’s not a difficult part. Let’s do it this afternoon. Barney and Brett should be here in time for lunch and then we can start with what you have and add what ever is needed. I’m sure John won’t mind me borrowing his bass for it. Once he wakes up we can check to see if he’s up for the vocal. Which I don’t doubt he will be.” It was only 10 in the morning so they still had a few hours before they could commence on the song. Robert thanked Babakar effusively and seemed more excited than he had been in a long long time. Then he excused himself and said he was going too head over to Gus’ Diner and get breakfast. When they were alone again. Babakar commented to Jean-luc

“These are interesting lyrics. I wonder who this Ice Dragon is that inspired the tune.”

“Lady Brett, no doubt.” Jean-luc said.

“Yes, I was thinking that as well, do you think she will see herself in this and possibly object?”

“No.... yes... she will see herself in it but she won’t object. She is well aware of Roberts affections for her and quite frankly doesn’t care. She will play the hell out of her part as she always does.”

“Do you think it’s a mistake doing this. He seems so eager to do this and it is an interesting tune. I never thought of Robert as having such a caustic outlook on anything. He usually seems so innocent, even naive in an endearing way.”

“Ah but he is a man and a man who’s love is being scorned, so like he said ‘things just kind of build up until they force themselves on you and it all bursts out’.”

“I hope this doesn’t affect the camaraderie of the Consort. It’s an important part of what we do.” Babakar said with genuine concern.

“I think his affections have always been there for her and she has always known it. Remember it was Brett who recommended Robert to you. She knew then how he felt about her and how she felt about him. None of that has changed. To her he is just an incredible programmer. Unfortunately I think that he feels she recommended him because she has some affection for him, which is not the case. We have weathered it this long. I don’t see this song as a problem. Besides I can hear Barney’s leads all over this. He’s going to love it.”

“Yes, and John can have the caustic nature to bring these lyrics to life in convincing fashion.” Babakar added with a slight smile on his face, though too a trace of sadness.