Changing of the Guard

by John McGrail

Released 2017
Mind Fry
Released 2017
Mind Fry
Modern Progressive Folk/Rock
An old tune. I couldn't play the guitar solo back when I wrote it. I got a little better over time. It's a tale of the passing of the baton and the fear of change.... I think.?! Here are the lyrics:

Changing Of The Guard

Are you sleeping?
Are your dreaming?
Or are you lying dead?

Are you the general?
Is this his funeral?
Is that a coffin or a bed?

Listen to me your life isn’t over
Maybe the spotlight will move closer

Why are you crying?
Why are you sighing?
Can you see down the road?

Is that a baby?
Or yet maybe
You’re just getting old

What’s that that’s missing
What’s that you’re wishing?
That it be placed in your hand.

Are you lazy?
Are you just crazy?
Are you afraid to take a stand?