Extraordinary Times

by John McGrail

Released 2015
Mind Fry
Released 2015
Mind Fry
Modern Progressive Folk
This is a tune that deals with those times when emotions are palpable. When they are so thick that it’s like humidity.
Here are the words:

these are extraordinary times
you may or may not agree
but still you searched for rhymes
and the deep roots of the tree
I can’t ask for much more
you gave all that you could
you knew what it’s all for
you did just what you should

these are extraordinary times 3x
wouldn’t ya say
let us pray
don’t go away
whattdaya say

it is amazing what you’ve done
your more than I can hope
a example setting run
you didn’t need a rope
you did what you felt was right
you did what needed be done
it did not taint your sight
you had daughters you had sons

you left and there is no answer
to the times we must endure
meager were the chances
is there nothing left that’s pure
your vision remained so focused
you vision was never burned (or blurred)
your enemy like locust
but your friends they never turned

and now it seems you’ve left us
yes we knew it was to be
our hope was oh so restless
our love it would not recede
we stood and watch so helpless
as you drifted away
never were you reckless
your compass did not decay