It Doesn't Matter

by John McGrail

Released 2015
Mind Fry
Released 2015
Mind Fry
Melodic experimental folk/pop with incisive lyrics
An old, old tune I pulled out, dusted off and applied the technology of the modern day folk musician, whatever the hell that means. Here are the words

I don’t belong
my words are not heeded
sometimes I’m strong
but never when its needed

it doesn’t matter
that I have no song
it doesn’t matter
that I’m wrong

I’m searching and have been
for what I'm not sure
if only a clue were sent
if only a cure


in a room of white
I am black
by the gloom of night
I shine
by the light of day
I crack
on a bed of nails
I recline

but you belong
and I don’t see why
but you belong
in a normal mans eye
yes you belong
like a pig in a sty
but you belong
or do you???