It Just Blows Me Away

by John McGrail

Released 2018
Mind Fry
Released 2018
Mind Fry
Progressive Folk
This is a little ditty inspired by our Commander in Chief. A liar by trade. A man who cannot see past his own ego. A would be dictator if he can get away with it. One who attacks the press and anyone else that does not drink his cool aid. A man who makes George Bush seem palatable. A man who is no man. Here are the lyrics

I'm always am amazed
at people who seemed fine
acting oh so crazed
when you toe the line

the things you say aren’t true
but you insist they’re right
you say that the sun rises
In the middle of the night
it just blows me away

the links you claim to be
are patently absurd
you try to get all to believe
all the falseness of your words
it just blows me away

I can not give you an answer
for the stupidity we see
like a crazy man or a cancer
it acts uncontrollably

I still prefer the truth
to the vision you present
the sky’s not pink its blue
and you aren’t heaven sent
it just blows me away

a lie cannot be called
a fact alternative
boy that takes some balls
and a crowd of idiots
it just blows me away

your ego oh so grand
must get in the way
you promote your brand
you promote dismay
it just blows me away

it just make no sense
it still is not true
I really dislike Pence
and the Donald’s crazy view
it just blows me away