Shoot Me

by John McGrail

Released 2018
Mind Fry
Released 2018
Mind Fry
Modern Progressive Folk Music.
If you have ever worked somewhere for 30 years it will effect you. Some will be good some will be bad. When it gets too bad you leave. However if you are close to retirement you stick around in spite of all the bad.

Such is the impetus for the lyrics to this song. I scribbled it out back in 2014 while on my lunch break. A few years later the music came along. Now I have paid my dues and I am wandering off into the world of retirement from all things of an uncreative nature. This is my swan song to the government agency I have been with since 1988!

A different ending would have been preferred! But such is the nature of things when you work for weasels and swine.

Here are the lyrics:

If you don’t mind please shoot me
Though I’ve committed no crime
The worlds just too polluted
Its heart its soul and its mind
I’m just so damn tired
Of acting like things are fine
So If you don’t mind please shoot me
Though I’ve committed no crime

So please won’t you shoot me
Do me a favor friend
Then do not reboot me
I’m looking forward to the end

Perhaps you might just hang me
I must have done something wrong
I don’t care what your reasons
I think I’ve been here too long
And if you will not hang me
Maybe just burn me to a crisp
Then gather up all my ashes
And scatter me in my bliss

Now you may question my motives
Maybe my sanity
It’s got little to do with emotion
Nothing at all with vanity
The end results is all that counts
By gun, by rope or by fire
What it really amounts to
Is that I am just sooo god damn tired.