You're Out

by John McGrail

Released 2018
Mind Fry
Released 2018
Mind Fry
Progressive Folk
This is a little ditty that I originally performed with my band "A Grey Sky" back in the 90's. It was released in a 'cassette only' (remember those?) format on an album called "The Millet Stalk". I liked that band and have been releasing new versions of a number of songs from "The Millet Stalk" over the years. This is yet another one. Here are the lyrics:

Who do you think you are?
Can you tell me what to do?
Who do you want to scar?
Can you tell me I’m a fool

You tell me I’m out
I say that I’m glad
Your eyes say it all
If they could scream they’d shout
You’re out

You’re look pierces me
To the core
Your words I hear
No more Chorus

Do you expect me to push aside
Actions you have taken
To sit and act like nothing happened
or maybe I’m mistaken
To sit and chew the fat
While you are eating bacon
What kind of a fool do you take me as???

After all these years
Have you never learned
Now you’re all alone
You burn Chorus