From the recording Stained Bliss


90 Year Old Man

and you get tired of feeling sad
and you try to laugh it off
things are lookin’ so bad
while your backbone and will are growin’ soft

and you feel so tired
like a 90 year old man

what you lack is what you need
and you feel it so deep that it scares you
you try to deny these things
but their effects seem so uncannily rare chorus

your tears turn black or they turn to powder
lose their clarity or blow away in the wind
your inner scream keeps getting louder and louder and louder
you beg forgiveness for your sins
if only you might try again
perhaps you just might win
or it might just get worse
that’s a chance you’re gonna have ta take

the bleakness you hold within your heart
is enough to frighten away even the brave
and the curious aren’t that curious
at least from this you are saved chorus


your bones feel so sore
and you find it hard to breathe
this sorrow floatin’ in the wind
you lust for sleep
but sleep remains so distant
what can you do ???????
you gotta be ready in an instant
\or it may pass right by you chorus