The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale

The Consort continues with their stunning exploration of experimental world jazz


Once again the Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale has returned from the studio with a stunning work-PERDIDO. Picking up where Baobob left off, which is anywhere they felt like going, this is a release of remarkable diversity that is not bound by anything. You can tell that this is a group of musicians who love to play with each other and really have no rules as to what should or should not be played.

A New Release for a New Decade.

In the past the Consort had relied on their good friend John McGrail for much of the writing but this time all the pieces are by the members themselves. When asked about this Babakar Wade, the Consorts founder, had this to say “We actually were assuming we would use some of John’s pieces but John was adamant that we do this all on our own. Of course he was there to help produce it (and to cook for the members on their breaks in the Mind Fry kitchen) but even when we pleaded he said we needed to do it on our own. We did manage to get his input though as he does a guest vocal and helped with the lyrics on the song “Who Darkened The Sun”. This release continues to explore the wide open world of what they describe as EWJ or experimental world jazz.

You may also wish to check out the Mind Fry newspage which has the story that led to the title of the album. You can find it here

under the title "Travels With Babakar: The Gulf Of Mexico" We would also like you encourage you to read its predecessor "Travels With Babakar: The Badlands" They are both amusing tales of these two good friends on the road!

Please note that the Consort (as all acts associated with Mind Fry Enterprises) gives away any and all profits from their recordings and performances to various charities.

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