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"Fanny Farmer was an American candy manufacturer and retailer. Fanny Farmer was started in Rochester, New York by Frank O'Connor in 1919 and grew to over 400 stores before being bought and consolidated. The company was named in honor of culinary expert Fannie Farmer, who had died four years earlier; she had nothing to do with the candy stores, and her recipes were not being used. "The spelling of the first name was altered to avoid confusion. “However, as a marketing device, it suggested reflected glory: high standards of quality." -Wikipedia

So it was late afternoon as I waited for my bus at Public Square with the usual menagerie of characters. Busses came and went and the crowd at the stop thinned.

And there she was in all her agony.

The paper handled bags at her side bore the logo for a regional candy company called "Fanny Farmer". The sailboats emblazoned on the child's poncho wrapped around her only complimented the oversized Jackie Onassis sunglasses with the almost opaque lenses.

She stepped in front of me as our bus pulled to the curb, and as the doors opened I clearly heard her say "Take me for a ride"....


Cover Photo by Dan McCafferty

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