1. Anger

From the recording Stained Bliss



Sometimes it seems like I can’t make my mind up
Sometimes it seems like there are just a bunch of half empty cups
Sometimes it seems like its all going to hell
then there are days where I feel rather well

do you ever feel this way too
I bet you there are days you do

on a bad day I could kick a puppy
on a rotten day I think I could kill a child
I know I know its just how my moods are
I have been described as a little wild

when it gets bad I go for a walk in the rain
seems to cool my anger down
I think of my actions and I feel so ashamed
as my anger and guilt dance round and round
sometime I blame myself sometimes I blame the world
sometimes I think there is no blame at all
sometimes it seems its just how it unfurled
and right or wrong is just a personal call

then there are days where I feel like sticking a barrel in my mouth
make the bullet go I and then come out
you know I would not see my brains splatter against the wall
and then there are days where I don’t feel like this at all