1. Fallen Angel

From the recording Stained Bliss


Fallen Angel

I walked into a church
and I knelt to pray
I didn’t know what I was doing
I knew not what to say

oh so many come here
seeking solace and more
I was hoping my efforts might yield
something I felt before

fallen angel
think like the devil
seeking only heaven
but finding only hell

I stayed awhile that day
though I didn’t say much
for I’d forgotten how to pray
since I used it as a crutch

oh so many follow this ritual
yet I night not grasp it
but I don’t doubt the sincerity
of what is spiritual
someone show me the way
someone show me the key
someone show me the way.....

Mmm then I left
with a funny feeling inside
somehow somewhere along the way
part of me had died

many years later
I tried it again
many years pass by
I saw that old church
like a friend who had died..