1. Earthday

From the recording Songs for Troubled Times


Earth Day

The sun burns all our thoughts away
and that is good cuz as your thoughts were not
the warmth and splendor make you feel so safe
but in the air there’s a poisonous lot

chorus and we celebrate this earth
we who are its rivals
looking the other way
as we release what’s vial

we glorify the land while strangling it too
with our minds and hands we hold its throat
will a ceremony suffice to ease our guilt
with the ignorance of men we cling to false hope

cut the ribbon
play the music
drink the liquid
continue the abuse
quit this fibbing
or what’s the use
we’ll all be dead
from our own misuse
and we celebrate the earth.........

Many are the cause many hold the blame
can we put it off for another generation
when we’re gone will we be blamed
as those who laid this place to waste