From the recording Songs for Troubled Times


Genocide Johnny

I was talkin’ to a man one day at work
I never realized he was such a jerk
we discussed the troubled middle east
when he revealed he was a beast
he said”I’m proud to be an American
cuz we’re always right
war is good so long as we get to pick the fight
you know what I would really really like
to see every last Muslim on this earth die

Genocide Johnny Johnny 2x
Johnny what makes you think
that they aren’t just like you?????

I looked at him and said your freakin’ nuts
I turned and walked away with much disgust
I had to think that he’s a touch insane
with some power he would rival Saddam Hussein

he always said the killing of innocents was wrong
yet he would advocate the very same be done
hypocrites so rarely see themselves
I hope that there are many mirrors down in hell

his right wing radio tells him what to think
push him to a frothy foment on the brink
He must live in fear 8 days a week
waiting for a man of Islam to end his life so bleak