From the recording Songs for Troubled Times


Losing Our Voice

and the people cried for a little more
we’re told there’s not enough to go around
by those who always set the score
by those who said what’s up and what is down

and we’re losing touch (3x)
we’re losing our voice

we always seem to look away
never really wondering quite why
though we have seen the preachers rape
yes we have heard the politicians lie

and if the river burns
smoke will choke the skies
we’ll all be so thirsty
tears will fill our eyes
will the seasons unite as one
will we be its fool
learning to praise or run
while ignorance will rule

we only have the things we need
although that is not always right
sometimes we lack the magic seeds
that grow the things that give us warmth and light
no we do not understand
how these things came upon this land
we sat and watched it all get destroyed
by those with golden fingers
and monumental toys