1. Red Ball Blue

From the recording Songs for Troubled Times


Red Ball Blue

we keep fighting the powers that be
no one even notices
perhaps if we got all those pissed off
out to where we voted
even then what are the chance
that they’‘ll ever hear our voices
cuz all it seems we ever are given
are 2 almost identical choices

you take the red ball
I’ll take the blue
what else can we do?

I could blame you or you cold blame me
or we could both blame ourselves
that don’t seem to solve very much
there are more factors than we can tell
we can only try the very best we can
but the vast majority is way out of our hands
money is power and we’ve little of either
either sit and cower or fight to survive
sometimes I wonder just what we’re doing
as we fight amongst ourselves
who in the hell do we think we are screwing
puffed up chests we wear our scars well

now maybe you think I’m talking to much
not from my mouth but out of my butt
maybe you think nothing can be done
so you just sit there and refuse to get up
that’s an option and it leaves me scared
knowing how well others who’ve done that fared
I am as guilty as all who I point at
join together or be anointed