1. Vilify Me

From the recording Songs for Troubled Times


Title: Vilify Me

Vilify me ridicule me
I don’t think like you
you don’t think like me
vilify me ridicule me
if you think I am crazy so let it be

If you got a blacklist
put my name right on top
for you immoral fascist
simply must be stopped
you call me a traitor cuz
I don’t think like you
makes me think you fear
the logic of my view chorus

if you’ve got the money
legislation for a fee
but a government that’s bought
means that it is not free
and the media’s not liberal
its not even news
its just there to make money
and spew corporate views


you’ll legislate your morals if you can
creating these horrors policies and bans
the earth if filled with sorrow the earth is filled with trash
what will come tomorrow
what is next to crash chorus

the government I was taught
was by and for the people
but now its simply bought
a concept so feeble
and I don’t have enough money
to have my say
I’ll just have to wait for it all to trickle down