From the recording Songs for Troubled Times



Someone popped us in the nose
blood down our face mixed with tears
these days that’s just how it goes
so lets allow vengeance to calm our fears

you will do as we do
or else you are one of them
lets forget our religion for a moment
for we must seek revenge

chorus: What would Jesus say
if he saw all the bloodshed
would he try to find a way
to justify all the dead

thou shall not kill
is one of the commandments
yet kill we will
in fact we demand it

for we have been wronged
and now we are livid
we are so very strong
but have we forgotten how to forgive chorus

the man from galilee
was killed by false accusers
no criminals was he
but justice was abused
now we see
deception by our so called leaders
do we see
the bullshit they’re trying to feed us

if we killed because they killed
how can we claim higher ground
will we impose our will
and throw our considerable weight around

don’t do it in our name
your searing rage blisters
we won’t play that game
we’re all just brothers and sisters chorus