From the recording Songs for Troubled Times


Who The Hell Am I

When fools are in control
and the lunatics run the asylum
its better than the way things are
sound minds I can’t find them

chorus and I am worried...
and I am scared...
and I am angry...
who the hell am I?

the madness that ensues from their direction
is not just a symptom but a reflection
of the chaos that’s in control
that calls shots and barks out orders
are we ready to fold
as we lay against insanity’s border

if we all ran off quickly
who would you select
to act meek and sickly
to make a nervous wreck
I implore you to think of these things
for all of our sake
are you really willing to risk what’s at stake
who the hell am I?

their policy of scorched earth
is ludicrous at best
its their own land they’re making worthless
killing off what feeds them
who’s interest is being served
in the long run we don’t need them
or their actions so absurd