1. Election Day

From the recording Baobob


Election Day
up the street the ballots are cast
I'm not sure what the point is
well I cast mine so I can bitch at last
they probably just throw them all out anyway
I mean I know there are more possibilities
than we are lead to believe
even the alphabet has 26 letters
we only get A and B
or perhaps light grey and dark grey
the rainbow I beautiful
why don't we get to view it
the rainbow is beautiful
why don't we get to view
on top of that there are so many who refuse to even choose
perhaps its a sense of disillusion
maybe there all just lazy
it's your stuff being wasted
your meals being tasted
by those who tell you what to eat
they don't even threaten to bet you
and you comply without question.
as long as your changes can be done
by remote
On Election Day
the people decide
who will walk and will ride
who will eat drink be healthy and fit
if only everyone gave a shit
cuz if they did the world would turn
into an Eden from a wasteland burned
the less fortunate could put out their hand
and help those who feel they own
this land