From the recording Do Not Stand in My Way


Do Not Stand In My Way

You see as you do I don’t why must you go on
there’s no right or wrong only how we feel
I don’t see how you can feel alone
I am by myself and yet at home

do not take this wrong I mean no harm to you
this is all I can do all I can do
please believe my plea I mean to speak the truth
I can not be boxed I need a room with a view

do not stand in my way
for I will not force you out
I will merely have to wait
I will merely have to wait

stand in my way and I’ll stand aside
I will not push will not push
they’ll be no peace until we realize
there’s no peace without trust
what do you know
how does it feel
our desires would have to be as one
will you take what is yours
or keep what you steal
the end then has certainly begun

I may see as you do someday
that does not mean I will change my view
that is then now is the time of which we speak
it is all I can do all I can do