From the recording Nobody Likes You


Nobody Likes You

your skin is so thin that the light shines through
but black is the light that’s coming from you
you think your so pretty you think your so fine
but your attitude is shitty and on platitudes you dine

you don't even know the mess that you’ve become
your brain is getting slow your nerves are getting numb
you tried to be real smart but all you are is dumb
you tried to go away cuz you can't even come.

they talked behind your back and say that you're not well
your prettiness attracts but the rest of you repels
i doubt that you'll see heaven but not that you'll see hell
with all that you've been given i don't see it ending well

the feelings universal that you act just like a drone
are you feeling cursed are you all alone
what else can you do that you've not already done
the tightening of screws the actions of just one

you talk about your beauty and you talk about the truth
But the truth is that yer fruity with the wisdom of a youth
the shallowness is sitting like a corner bound dunce
and hallow be it fitting that you only came here once

words by Jean-luc Sartre
music by the HCMI (save babakar, art and samba)