1. Aiming Low

From the recording Dust


Aiming Low

I am aiming low
and I’m missing the mark
just another blow
in the dark

trying to stay one step ahead
always fearing where I tread
these lifeless smiles all look dead
to me
I don’t want to be king of the world
but I would take a pretty girl
to jump and dance and twirl
with me

takes way too much for what you get
just another gamble just a failed bet
and you don’t know what is coming yet

take the easy way out
cuz it’s the easy way out
no one will notice no one will shout

when its time to act you will have no choice
you will do what you have to
you will do what you can
but you can’t do more
they may hear the screaming voice
they may see the blood too
they will also advance
to even the score

acoustic solo

I really don’t want too try to hard
the threat of failure is in the yard
whenever I gamble I get bad cards
it seems
I’ll take what I am given
I’ll take whatever’s not hidden
by failure I’ve been smitten