From the recording Dust


Refused His Burden

My wings are tired
I’m unable to fly
so I sit in the fields (higher)
and I scour the sky
I look for transport
a friend to carry me
but there is no sort
they’re weary of me

a poor man asked me
if I’d take his hand
but I refused his burden
and wander this wasteland

busted visions o’er near the fence
it all comes at such expense
leaves me tired leaves me wishing
say it again cuz I was not listening
intro with melodic solo
the land was brown and scrubbed
devoid of most life and color
the trees had no buds
then my vision grew duller& duller

I lift no one no one lifts me up
I don’t understand this empty cup
always thought that I’d be first
but now I wander and I’m dying of thirst