From the recording Dust


What Else Can I Do

You say there’s hidden meaning
In everything I say
If it’s hidden how can you see it???
I know I’ve not always been perfect
In fact I never come close
I’m sorry for when I’ve hurt you
All those emotional blows

chorus: What else can I do
but try to right my wrongs
What else can I do
but say I’m sorry in a song
if it were anyone else but you
I’d left a long long time ago...

You say I take you for granted
why does it cost so much
perhaps you feel you’ve been abandoned
perhaps you’ve lost your trust............ Chorus

I don’t doubt all your accusations
I’m probably mostly at fault
all my cutting insinuations
Have finally backed you up against the wall
there’s only one solution

Boorish crude and insensitive
are all descriptions I fit
Sorry for being so offensive
why did you put up with it