1. Fear Factor

From the recording Not Angry........ MAD!!!


The noon bell tolls the skies grow dark
Shadows fall on the children in the park
They play unaware of the gathering doom
Happy they are, as something new blooms.
Fear has been fostered fear has been grown
Fear is the factor that we’ve always known
The one that make idiots out of rational men
The one that may/will foster us into the end.
What lies ahead is not their concern
The lies and the dread as values are burned.
The children continue feeling safe and secure
Yet the world they play in has gotten very unsure
Time will tell if we’re out of time
out of our minds
nothing to sell nothing to find
we’ll all go to hell.
They will be protected by their parents if they can
But the land has been infected by an awful strand
What lay ahead only God really knows
And what if he’s not there, in this reality show.