From the recording Not Angry........ MAD!!!


Don't misunderstand me
I believe we're losing time
it's all wrapped in confusion
and nothing seems quite right
Do you want to continue on
Speaking without words
calling out silent names
trying to do it first

The more you gives
means the more you give
and that is all....

Time's a limitation
this we clearly know
so increase our concentration
so we can make the most
the words you have spoken
have penetrated deep
taking away something that's mine
taking it for keeps

like the world in which we live
I can't quite figure it out
Seems the more you give means the more you give
and that is all

Breaking down the barriers
between the 2 of us
means tearing down suspicious fears
and the building up of trust
don't know if that can happen
one can only hope
with the odds clearly stacked against it
and the chances so remote