1. Infinite Sigh

From the recording Not Angry........ MAD!!!


For Dad...

Feast on the sorrow
at least for today
Then come tomorrow
we’ll all kneel and pray

The pain you were given
is the pain that you took
while you were living
A life by the Book

then you cut the ties
then you walked away
with an infinite sigh
To an infinite day

in the end you did suffer
in the end you endure
‘til all of the others
were with you you’re sure

you always rose
when ever you fell
God only knows
what was left in that shell

now its completed
now it is done
never defeated
I’d say you won
you outlasted many
you outlasted yourself
I don’t know any
who did it so well

the end finally came
did not come with ease
there’s no one to blame
and now you’re released