From the recording Not Angry........ MAD!!!


I don’t always have the answer
but sometimes I have visions
seems there’s never a stance to take
on this mission

I can’t even call your name
cuz you never told me what you were called
I don’t want to feel shame
I don’t want to crawl

you ask me to explain
just what I mean
but I cannot explain (last chorus) and it makes me insane
cuz I don’t know what I mean

a hot dusty road to nowhere
I saw the signs
in a clear glass mirror
I saw the lines
I don’t think that’s the right way
do you?
I want to shine
shine on through

there’s always those who shout
or someone itchin’ for a fight
that does not mean they’re right
just means they’ve the loudest voice
we all have a choice
whether we choose.... we choose
if we hear noise
we must be aware
Ooooooo etc.

I saw the answer in a bird overhead
smokin’ cigarette
he knocked the ashes on my head and said
‘You’re an idiot’