From the recording Not Angry........ MAD!!!


is there anything you can laugh at
without it being a cover for your pain
you laugh out loud at a helpless mother
can you laugh at a man insane
I realize your desperation
that you’re merely fending it off
your own isolation
with your leather skin
and a heart so soft

I can only shake my head
I have no answers to give
afraid of becoming one who is left
but you must never quit

waste surrounding is building up
makes it so hard to breath
you laugh out loud and you write it off
but inside I know you bleed
you cry out that I’m lying
why would I do that to you
cant you see that I’m crying
and I feel the As you do

lost and crying
a man insane

you claim that the end is near
yet you know its so far off
your inside fire burns your eyes
and the smoke well it makes you cough
the futures grim I must admit
I can’t smile you know for yourself
but an equal part is that I cannot quit
even though my hopes a living hell