1. Paralyzed

From the recording Not Angry........ MAD!!!


snuck up like a fog
silent and undetected
like a rabid dog
who’s bite has infected
now it has me down
alone I will not win
alone I run aground
penance for my sins?

I don’t know why
can you help me will you try
I don’t know how I got here
I’m filling up with fear

Now I am helpless
unconscious to the soul
I need those so selfless
to keep me in the fold
I can’t even ask
for the assistance you will give
for all your giving tasks
for all that lets me live

didn’t see it coming
don’t know if it’d matter
all the constant chatter
all the distant drumming
I saw the light
but it pulled away
I think I saw what’s right
I think I’m glad I stayed

I’m scared and I’m afraid
I am terrified of what’s in store
my fear is on parade
I am shaking to the core
I have no control
totally in your hands
it is really taking it’s toll
I’ve faith you understand