From the recording The John McGrail Trio


What’s It About Them
That makes you crazy
What’s It About Them
where you almost blow a vein
your logic is hazy
your ego is vane
What’s It About Them
that makes you insane

cuz I see the same people
and I don’t have a problem
makes you seem feeble
and really kind of hollow
that this venom
comes out of no where
is something you should not allow

Why do you do this??????????

what’s it about that them
makes you put a target on their back
and you are aiming 8 days a week
the things you say are not backed up by fact
your standing and logic are starting to creak

a double standard is not the way I think
yet you do and that is a chink
in the armor you wear of loud accusations
it hard I swear, to hear the insinuations
cuz you are like anyone despite your self image
you are no better or worse than the ones that you pillage
and the target you aim at should be yourself
because you add nothing with this vicious spell

It’s not like you’re perfect
you really don’t come close
yet you seem so certain
but you’re yanking your own hose
and yes you’re hurting
the victims you have chose
but in the long run
you know you’ll be exposed