From the recording Singles Volume Two


Merely What You Can

You know you will not cry
Though you claim you want to die
Is this the only place to try your resistance
Don’t resist me
I must ask you to agree or leave
On my insistence.

Oh no no no
You do not understand
I’m not telling you what to do
Merely what you can....
Merely what you can

The things to which you agreed
You no longer seem to believe
You want me to concede or reconsider?
Your anger wells inside
Though you cannot claim I lied
you still find a way to be bitter Chorus

Sometimes I know just how you feel
Sometimes I feel that way myself
You know its not heaven though it might be hell
Sometimes you just can’t tell

Your tears are freeze dried
Tell me why oh why
Can you claim inside a vision
As you look and you squeal
Claiming what is false and what is real
Acting like you feel you’re on a mission Chorus