From the recording Singles Volume Two


I Don’t Know You

Why do you look at me like you’ve seen me before
Like we shared emotions like we really cared
It makes me uneasy you’re totally wrong
Yet I see you’d be happy if I was right on this one

I don’t know you
You don’t care
I don’t know you
Yet still I stare, still I stare

You claim I knew you once but that was before
The war hit our country, it came to our door
So know we’re divided, one in two hands
We both see that we’ve sided in differing lands
I won’t question your ideals
Though perhaps I have
It does not matter now
The battle’s been had
It’s a war of beliefs
It’s a theater of war
It’s a bloody parade
At all of our mouths

You look at me you look away
We both know what that means
cuz I do the very same
and hold onto our beliefs
Is it a battle? Is it a war?
Are we inflicting senseless scars????