From the recording Singles Volume Two


Obtaining the Goal

Obtaining the goal
That is the point
That is the problem
Obtain the goal
A means to an end
Is not a question
Oh, but it must be

Obtaining the goal
What is the point
Is it an answer
Obtain the goal
You draw the line
You say what’s right
You say you’re right
I say I don’t know

What do you give
What do you sacrifice
With malice and lies
Do you take what you can?
How do you live
Face made of ice
Darkening skies
Alone you will stand

What is the problem? What is the point?
What is the end? What is the question?
Why must it be?

Go get the gold.
You’re getting old.
You’re getting fancy.
Why don’t you go.
Leave me alone
I’m getting antsy