From the recording Singles Volume Two


You’ll Hear The Hounds

when your leader is chosen
does it scare you white
does it make you nervous
do you want to fight it
it isn’t the problem
but merely a symptom
eagerly waiting
to become the next victim

chorus where can you run
you seem surrounded
the slightest wrong word
you’ll hear the hounds

tears well in your eyes
at the sights you are given
despite what your told
you know its not living

hopeless you stand a million or more
what can you do to even the score
what once was grand is now merely old
but its still yours you’re part of the fold
where can you go must you love it or leave it
these things that you see you cannot believe it
you must survive each man for himself
but the law you must follow is not that of yourself

yes troubling they are
these things that you see
but more troubling still
are those who agree