1. Resigned

From the recording 20,21,22....

Another song featuring our good friend John McGrail on vocals.


It won't get better
It might get worse
My mind is shredded
I'm dying of thirst

I am just resigned
I have seen the signs

There's no purpose
I have no drive
Tired discourse
Am I really alive

Always the same
Always in pain
I refuse to blame
I keep getting drained

I'm too wasted to fret
It's going to get bad
Haven't I just bottomed out yer
I've just been had

What if I'm wrong
Did I give up too soon
Did I make a mistake
Do I sing out of tune
How can I know
Is there nothing that's certain
Is it all just for show
Then bring down the curtain
Wasn't it obvious
Effort without result
Or am I oblivious
Was it all my fault
All my fault

I am just resigned.......................