From the recording Singles Volume Three


too much too quick so reckless
walking slow cuz you're scared to run
you with your attitude so feckless
acting holy but also kind of dumb
Chorus: if we could find a way to start over
if we could find a way to relight the fuse
if we could figure our way out of this corner
still I think it'd be smart to refuse
your confidence... well it’s slipping
and your weaknesses they are showing
your attitude is ripping
your cold, dark, bleakness is growing

so what'll it be
is your fear too much
what do you see
just going dutch
its a bad habit
but a habit none the less
you really ought to grab it
you really should confess

you could win the race but you must first finish
within this space you can make your way
nothing else could make you further diminish
you only lose the race if you go away