From the recording Singles Volume Three


Keep up that distance an arm's length will do
I feel the resistance of your strength I do
Upon your insistence it's all about you
And it shows

When it is clear you just look away
Maybe you fear all the things that I say
Is it a tear that says just go away
And I know

And I know you've a reason
Yeah I know that it's true
And I know that your reason
Is all about you

I am not sure if you're even aware
That what you do can create such a scare
Perhaps it just like your grey thinning hair
As it shows

I have no way of reaching you
I have no say in teaching you
You have your way that's all you do
That I'll go away may be coming true

What can I do perhaps just walk away
So little is new in the things that you say
It is so true that you keep me at bay
As I know....