From the recording Singles Volume Three


You gotta be kidding
You really can't seem to think
Please tell me you're shitting
Your fetid mind is starting to stink
Howl at the brain dead

The things you say are just talking points
Change the topic your belief is unreal
I've seen the messiah you want to appoint
Follow like sheep but die like veal
Howl at the brain dead 2x

A fact is a fact and you don't like that
The earth is flat you want to believe
The truth is the truth it s there to combat
You made up the message you want to receive

HOWL 4x...........

Ignorance is bliss at least until it isn'
You'll fins soon enough that it don't last long
This ain't rocket science or nuclear fission
I can only say you're totally wrong

Howl at the brain dead 4x