From the recording Singles Volume Three


I am decaying
I am decaying
My minds so undernourished
I don't know if I now what I'm saying
I am fading
I am fading
My hunger's taken my senses
And now I am decaying

I went to feel my stomach
And found in my grasp my backbone
Like the gleams of water deep down in a well
Mind eyes in their sockets so shone
My scalp shriveled upon my head
Like a rind of a gourd in the heat
And my ribs Oooooooh
Are like rafters of a tumble down roof along the street

Oh I'm getting desperate
My mind is getting senseless
I can't quite nail this situation down
But it seems
It's getting senseless

Ooooh it's driving me to madness
My hunger has bit into my brain
It has finally taken me
My actions cannot be my stain