From the recording Sigh


There’s blood on the bullets
there’s blood in the air
the trigger I’ll pull it
I just don’t care
I’m coming real soon
you’ll be caught unaware
my anger balloons
my hatred I will share

I might just have to wait
for a fine sunny day
to show you all of my hate
1 so you can feel my spray
2 you will not get away
3 and I will have my say

you’ll call me a sicko
you’ll say that I’m mad
but you’ll fall for my trick
and that’s just too damn bad
you know way deep down
I know I am wrong
the trigger that I’ve found
makes me feel so strong

so I’m coming around
it won’t be too long
listen for the sound
listen for my song

I’ll take myself out
when all is said and done
my hell will shout
we’ll all be as one