From the recording Sigh


The worlds gone mad, it seems abused
It makes me sad, leaves me confused
But that’s out there, What about here
I’m so scared I’ve so much fear.

It’s the little things they say’s what matters
It’s the little things, that make or break
As the poor get poorer and the fat, get fatter
It’s the little things, that are really at stake.

All gone crazy, all gone nuts
The worlds on fire, the worlds a slut
But deep inside you feel your fear
Not of the world but of thing so near

brief instrumental section

all you have all you seek
what you nab is oh so bleak
you try and grab those who are meek
makes you glad, shows you’re weak

As violence escalates it’s still out there
But deep inside your own personal fear
The unknown waits to be revealed
What’s your fate? Has it been sealed?

It’s the little things..........................