From the recording Sigh


We Got The Numbers

when the eagles have died
and the vultures take the roost
you better be prepared for a fight
or it's your neck in the noose
they've done it before
and they're not afraid
their calling card is cruelty
and hate is their trade

with blame we'll be condemned
if we just snooze or slumber
cuz it's us against them
and we've got the numbers

it can happen here
don't think that it can't
playing on peoples fears
with lies deceptions and rants
don't look away
don't be afraid
don't give up and do nothing
there's a price to be paid
and you know that its coming chorus

and it's ours to lose
you got to know that's the truth
you just have to choose we cannot refuse
don't believe that it can't happen
don't believe you don't have a choice
take some action
stand up and use your voice chorus