1. 10 Time To Go

From the recording Sigh


Time To Go

Sometimes I think that it’s the best
if we go away and leave each other alone
at least for a moment to sit and take a rest
to pursue the paths that you and I have chose

And I don’t really know quite why
And I don’t think I want to know
the tension’s getting thick
And its time to go

Sometimes I wish that we’d agree
despite our difference that we see eye to eye
but I know just how you and I can be
and perhaps a truce is as close as we’ll get to peace

It frightens me
to think that I must act alone
and it frightens me
that I must shoulder this load
and too it frightens me
that I’m not prepared for the cold
yes it frightens me
that there is no other choice

Perhaps sometime we’ll both see as one
I know I know that’s asking for too much
because if it could be it would be already done
and I don’t think I’ve the power to re-establish trust