From the recording The Sun


Before Our Eyes

Speeding up and slowing down
your will’s not in control
you try to swim and you merely drown
if you didn’t try you just might make your goal
every decision is one made wrong
as your smile melts to a frown
you feel strange like you don’t belong]
In this smoke and concrete town
Chorus: Before our eyes
I don’t see a thing
That hints of which way to go
Before our eyes
I don’t understand
What we should know
you want to do what you know you must
but you don’t know what it might be
so you look around and you sniff the air
and then you take to the sea
but the oceans rough and it makes you sick
so you head to the nearest shore
just when you think that you got it licked
a hole falls through the floor

we stand alone
in the middle of a crowded Monday afternoon
we stand alone
and we keep on standing ‘til there’s no more room
we live alone
we die alone
we cry alone
yes we cry

you’re never safe until you’re dead
but there’s still no guarantee
your wounds heal after you ve bled
but the pain never seems to cease
so you think about suicide
but your palms turn sweaty and cold
you figure you might hang on for the ride
and go when your finally told